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How far are you from the harbour?

We are located about a 5-6 minute walk from the main fast boat drop-off area. When you step off the boat with your back to the ocean, turn left. If you have heavy luggage, you can opt to take a ‘cidomo’ (horse-cart) to the business. This will cost about Rp50,000-100,000, depending on your haggling abilities.

How long does it take to walk or cycle around the island?

This is probably the most common question we get. It’s obviously very dependent upon what pace you take your walk or cycle. But as a rough guide, it takes 90-100 minutes to walk around the island and 25-30 minutes to bike around the island. We recommend avoiding the walk in the middle of the day due to the extreme heat.

When is High Season on Gili Trawangan?

High season runs from July to mid-September and mid-December to mid-January.

What’s the best time of year to visit Gili Trawangan?

This depends on what you want out of your holiday. The busy high season of July & August is a lot of fun. All the bars and restaurants are bustling with people, but so are the snorkel and dive spots.
The very best time to visit Gili Trawangan, in our opinion, is in May or October. These months enjoy perfect weather, enough people around to have a good time, but without the feverish tempo of high season. Plus the room prices are cheaper during this time too.

Is Christmas and NYE fun on Gili Trawangan?

A BIG, FAT ‘YES’ to that one! These holidays are a mini high season period. There is a small potential for some occasional downpours, but the vibe is super positive and happy. So despite what the weather is up to, everyone is having a great time! NYE is massive on Gili T.  Every business can stay open late, and we host an AWESOME New Years Eve Party every year. Not to be missed!

When is rainy season in Gili Trawangan?

This has become harder to answer in recent times, since the seasons seem to have shifted considerably over the past 4-5 years. Up until 2015, it was common for the rainy season to start in mid-November, and finish towards the tail end of February. Now, it starts later (mid to late December), and either ends later too (end of March), or almost barely registers and lasts less than a month.  

How bad is the rainy season in Gili Trawangan?

Rainy season is not bad at all. It’s nothing like a monsoon or typhoon season experienced in other parts of South East Asia. It usually consists of a single, heavy downpour each day, lasting 30-60 minutes, which is preceded and followed by sunshine.  
It can be generally more overcast during these months, but it’s actually a welcome break from the stifling heat. Some days can experience longer periods of lighter rainfall. That said, nothing changes in terms of what you can do on Gili Trawangan. Every business is still open and all activities are still available. It’s usually the best time to see mantas too.

Is Gili Trawangan open all year?

Yes, Gili Trawangan is open all year round. It does not close like some other island hotspots in South East Asia. 

Do you have mosquitos on the island? 

Yes, there are mosquitos on Gili Trawangan, to varying degrees depending on the season. However, you tend to find they are more of a problem in the centre of the island and not so much on the beachfront. Complaints about mosquitos are almost non-existent in our hotel.  

What sort of power adaptor do I need?

Indonesia uses plug types C and F.  We do have a couple of adaptors in the office, but we advise our guests to purchase an international multi-adaptor in duty-free. If you are coming from Malaysia, Indonesia uses exactly the same adaptor type.

What time are check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at 1:00PM, and check-out is at 11:00AM. We require that all guests leave by 11AM so we can prepare the room before our next customers arrive from Bali at midday.

Are there any poisonous insects on the island?

Not that you’ll come into contact with. In rainy season, tiny scorpions come out in the forested areas in the centre of the island, but in 10yrs here, we’ve only seen one.  

What happens on the island during Ramadan?

During the holy month of Ramadan, the local Muslim community fast from sunrise to sunset. Certain measures are put in place by the island as a mark of respect for this holy month. The main thing you’ll notice is that all bars and restaurants must turn off their music every night at 11:00PM. That means there are no big parties during this time of year. Other than that, the island runs as normal and the tourist flow is as strong as always.

Is breakfast included in the room price?

Yes! Regardless of which online booking agent you use, or whether you book direct, ALL BOOKINGS INCLUDE FREE BREAKFAST.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments. There is a 3% bank surcharge for credit card payments. We do not currently accept American Express.

Are there ATM machines on the island?

Yes. There are now several ATMs on the island. During busy periods, they are often emptied quicker than they can be filled. We recommend bringing cash or a credit card with you just in case.

Is there much crime on the island?

There is very little crime on the island. But, in the busy bars at night, do exercise a normal level of common sense with regards to keeping an eye on your belongings. Especially wallets, purses and iPhones.

Is there a doctor on the island?

There are several small clinics on the island, the best of which is located a few minutes walk from our hotel in the Vila Ombak complex. For any serious injury, you would need to go to Lombok.

Do you have rental bikes?

Yes. We have bicycles for rent from the reception area. The price is the same as the rest of the island at Rp50,000 per day.

Can you arrange snorkelling trips?

As a business, we don’t personally book snorkelling trips, but our staff will happily book a trip for you at your request. Or you can walk to one of the many kiosks on the main strip for information and bookings.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes. We have Wifi across the whole business. It can be unreliable in certain weather conditions, and it is not anywhere as quick as you’d expect in Europe, but for checking emails and Facebook, it’s sufficient.  

Do you show AFL and NRL games in the sports bar?

Yes. See our schedules in the bar for more information, or contact us if you have a specific question/request.

Do you have draft Guinness?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have Guinness on draft in the bar. We do have bottled Guinness though!

Do you have hot, fresh water?

Yes. The hot water is heated by solar power, but if the weather is bad, we have water heaters as a back-up.

Do you provide hairdryers?

No, we do not provide hairdryers. This is due to the restrictions on electrical power. We do not recommend using high power electronics.

Do you provide a laundry service?

Laundry services are available, but are outsourced by the reception staff. Please ask them for further details.

Can you arrange airport collections from Lombok?

Yes, we can. Please email us for up to date prices and more information.

Can you arrange airport collections from Bali?

No, we can’t. We recommend contacting your accommodation in Bali for airport transfers as they will have better transportation connections than we do.

Do you have minibars in the rooms?

No, but we have a fully stocked bar and restaurant on-site. 

Do you change foreign currency for guests?

Not as a matter of course, but if required, we can do.

What live sports do you show in your sports bar?

The Premiership, AFL, NFL, NRL, UFC, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, NBA, NHL, Hurling, Olympics, F1, MotoGP, Boxing, Horse Racing, World Cup, Euros, European Football Leagues and more. For more information or requests, please contact us via email.

Do you have vegetarian options on your menu?

Yes. We have about 10 vegetarian dishes currently available.

Do you have vegan options on your menu?

Yes. We have about 8 vegan dishes currently available.

Do your staff speak English?

Yes. The ability varies from person to person, but most have a reasonable grasp of English.

What is the general rule of thumb when tipping?

Living costs are high on Gili Trawangan, so tips are much appreciated by the staff. We recommend a 10% tip when eating out.

Is there Malaria on the Gili Islands?

No, there is no Malaria in the Gili islands, and it is not necessary to take malaria tablets. The usual precautions of wearing repellent and long loose clothing is adequate protection.

Is Gili Trawangan suitable for children?

Yes, there’s no cars, motorbikes or traffic of any kind on the island, other than horse-carts, making the streets pretty safe, and the island has become increasingly popular with families and children over the past few years. And judging from their feedback on their experiences here, they’ve loved it!

Are there police on the island? 

Yes and No. There are no police officials from Lombok stationed here on the island, although they do visit. However, there is an Island Security group on call for any problems tourists may have during their stay. The office is located close to the harbour.

Can I have an additional person in my room, and what is the cost per night?
Yes. Each room (except the villa) is made to accommodate 2 people. However, we can provide an extra mattress on the floor for a third person for $15USD per night, including breakfast.


When is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served daily between 7:30AM and 10:30AM. We have between 8 and 10 breakfast options available on our breakfast menu. And tea and coffee of course!

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