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Tir na nOg represents a ‘dream come true’ for 7 very different individuals who are now located

on opposite sides of the world. But it wasn’t always this way...


Tír na nÓg was the brainchild of an effervescent Irish couple from Dublin called Conrad Byrne and Rebecca (Becky) O’Connor, who partnered up with an entrepreneurial Indonesian local called Acok Bassok.

The business was opened in June 2000. The bar was the main driving force behind the idea, but there was plenty of room for expansion (Good idea guys!). It fast became the favourite drinking hole on the Gili’s and was the most popular place to hang out after the sun went down. 

In 2002, a lofty traveller named Chris Thorpe entered the fray. Having left behind his fast-paced lifestyle in London as an adept toothbrush salesman, he took the plunge into the realms of the ‘landlord’ and became a partner in Tír na nÓg.  Shortly after his arrival, in late 2002, the 10 Standard rooms were completed, along with the Tír na nÓg Villa.


Conrad & Becky returned to Ireland full time in 2005 to raise their ever-growing family, leaving the day-to-day running of the business to Chris.  As the business expanded, Chris opted to take on additional help in 2009, which came in the form of an old school friend, Mr. Wayne Sibley.

By 2010, Wayne had manoeuvred himself from a manager into pole position as a new investor. Another outside candidate was ex-Londoner Chris Moon. He was travelling the globe in search of the meaning of life, but invariably finding more questions than answers, often whilst perched on a barstool at Tír na nÓg. He was one of their best customers.

After much discussion, both Wayne Sibley and Chris Moon became partners in 2010. Shortly after their inauguration, Tír na nÓg acquired additional neighboring land, and built the 10 Deluxe rooms, swimming pool, office area and storage space.  There were now 5 parties involved:  Conrad & Becky, Acok Bassok, Chris Thorpe (and his lovely wife Miriam), Chris Moon & Wayne Sibley.

Owner Conrad


By 2014, Chris Thorpe decided to relocate his family to middle England where his beautiful daughter, born in 2009, could get a proper English education. Chris resides there to this day, yet still finds time for occasional trips back here to his former island home.


Around the same time, Wayne had had enough of the daily trials and tribulations of running a busy bar and restaurant with absolutely zero expertise on the topic. His rational mind took over and he refocused his efforts on the linen market. Wayne sold his share in Tír na nÓg to an ageing Rockstar from Austin, Texas, USA named Seth Emerick.

Seth breathed life back into the bar scene, and to this day maintains the cool vibe of the bar and restaurant. In contrast, Chris Moon has strategically positioned himself out of harm's way in his comfy office chair, realizing after all these years that he is, in fact, an introvert.


Both Chris Moon and Seth still reside in Gili Trawangan and are actively involved in the day to day running of the business. Most recently, in late 2019, they added a new team of managers to help them provide the best possible customer service across the entire business. 

Acok Bassok currently resides in Lombok, but frequents Gili Trawangan often. He has a limited role in the running of the business and primarily helps to strengthen the relationship between The Irish and the local community. Amongst a vast array of other things, he focuses much of his attention on the running of the excellent Sama Sama Reggae Bar, one of the most popular Reggae bars in Southeast Asia.

None of the dreams of these 7 individuals could have been realized, or even a fraction of what they have achieved been possible, without the amazing local staff, whom they love dearly. They would like to say a huge thank you for the support of the local community, to whom they shall be forever grateful for welcoming them into paradise.

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