Gili Trawangan is part of the world-famous Gili Islands, which are three tiny, coral-fringed islets located off the north-western coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Lombok is the next large island to the east of Bali. 

There are only two access points to Gili Trawangan: Lombok and Bali. 



The islands of both Bali and Lombok have International airports which enjoy excellent domestic connections.

Bali Airport

(Ngurah Rai International Airport - DPS)

The Bali Airport is extremely well connected to many international cities, with several hundred flights arriving each day. This is the most popular route for accessing the Gili Islands, simply due to the ease of access to Bali itself.

Lombok Airport

(Bandar Udara Internasional Lombok - LOP)

The Lombok Airport is very well serviced by domestic flights, but only has a limited number of international flight connections. International flights currently include Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth (Australia).  

For more information on flight options to and from both Bali Airport and Lombok Airport, we recommend using to check dates, flight times and pricing.

Domestic flights from Bali to Lombok are around $25-30USD one way.

Domestic flights from Jakarta to Lombok are around $50-60USD one way.


1. Via Fast Boat

Key Facts: - Budget to Mid-Range Pricing - Services Run Multiple Times Daily - Several Departure Locations - Total Travel Time: 2-4hrs (not including travel time from hotel to the port) This is the most popular transportation option. There are well over 20 fast boat operators running routes from several different ports in Bali. These services run every single day of the week. The prices vary greatly, as does the comfort, travel times, departure times, reliability and customer service. The trip is at best 2hrs long depening on sea conditions. For the most accurate information regarding route options, departure times, pricing and booking online, we recommend visiting Our personal recommendation for fast boat operators is Gili Getaway or Bluewater Express. Both are slightly more expensive than the average price, but they provide the most efficient services, are reliable, have the best safety standards and go that extra mile to look after their customers. It’s worth every penny, trust us!

2. Via Slow Ferry

Key Facts: - Budget Option - Services Run Once Daily - One Departure Point in Bali (Padang Bai) - Departure at 10am, Arrival at ~5pm - Not a pleasant trip - Total Travel Time: 7-8hrs (not including travel time from hotel to the port) This was once a popular route when there used to be limited access to Gili Trawangan. However, with fast boat operators slashing their prices, you’d have to question why it would even be an option these days. Reserved only for the hardened traveler, or those looking to experience “traveling like a local”, it’s become less and less popular to travel to Gili T via slow boat. The only time it is a potential savior is when the fast boats are not running due to weather conditions. Slow boats are less likely to be cancelled, allowing a route back to Bali if flights are all full. The ferry departs from Padang Bai in Bali at around 10am daily. It cruises for 5hrs or so, finally landing in Lembar harbour, in Southern Lombok. You then take a 90-120min drive up the coast, seemingly stopping constantly for no apparent reason, before arriving at Bangsal Harbour. There you catch a local boat (30-40mins) to Gili Trawangan. By which time, you’ll be desperate for a Bintang! And we have plenty of that.

3. Via Domestic Flight

Key Facts: - Mid-Range to Expensive Pricing - Services Run Several Times Daily - Departure from Bali International Airport - Flight Time Only 25mins - Airport transfer in Lombok to Gili Trawangan is 2-2.5hrs - Total Travel Time: 4-5hrs (not including travel time from hotel to the airport) This option is reasonably popular these days. The wide variety of flight times available versus the small window of fast boat departure times means you can easily travel to Gili Trawangan the same day as arriving in Bali by plane rather than by boat. The journey consists of a short 25-minute flight, followed by about a 2-3hr transfer time from Lombok airport to Gili Trawangan. Please see directions from Lombok Airport below for more details.


1. From Lombok Airport

Airport transfers from Lombok International Airport to Gili Trawangan take between 2-3hrs, and can be done in one of two ways: a. Airport Transfer Arranged by Tír na nÓg This is easily arranged if you provide us with your date & time of arrival, flight number, number of passengers and lead passenger name. There will be someone waiting for you at the airport in with a name board of the lead passenger. You will be escorted to a nearby private Air Conditioned car, and driven 2hrs north to a small harbour called Teluk Nare. Here, you will hop onto a speedboat for 10minutes, which will complete the final leg of your journey, and you’ll have arrived on Gili Trawangan. Prices vary depending on time of day/night and number of passengers, so please email us for exact pricing. The total cost for 2 people one way is Rp800,000. b. Travelling independently from the Airport to Tír na nÓg If you prefer to find us yourselves, have an adventure and save a bit of money, you can opt to travel using public transport and taxis. The easiest option is to take a taxi (always use Bluebird taxi’s only) from the airport to Bangsal Harbour, and then wait for a public boat (they leave when they are full) to take you across to Gili Trawangan. The crossing takes approximately 30-40mins. Be aware that the last boats to Gili Trawangan depart from Bangsal at around 4:30pm, sometimes earlier. This option will take at least an hour longer, requires more thought and planning, and will cost approximately Rp500,000 for 2 people.

2. From Lombok Mainland (ex. from Senggigi or South Lombok)

Many people these days will fly into Lombok, explore its beauty for a few days, and then hop on over to Gili Trawangan for an unwind or a party. There are essentially two main access options to Gili Trawanagan, either via Bangsal, the busy, local harbour, or the smaller harbour of Teluk Nare, which operates private speedboat transfers to and from all the Gili Islands. If you are staying in a hotel in Lombok, they are likely able to provide advice on getting to Gili Trawangan, and will even be able arrange the entire journey for you. However, if you would like us to arrange a transfer to Tír na nÓg for you, simply contact us and provide us with a pickup location, date & time, number of passengers and a lead passenger name, and we will let you know the cost, which can be paid upon arrival at our hotel. Prices for this service vary greatly depending on where you are located in Lombok. If you want to make your own way here (which can be tiresome and lengthy depending on your location), you need to get transport (ideally a metered Bluebird taxi) to Bangsal Harbour if you want to chance a public boat (note that the last boats to Gili Trawangan depart from Bangsal at around 4:30pm, sometimes earlier), or Teluk Nare if you want to try and negotiate for a private or shared speedboat.

3. From Gili Meno or Gili Air

This is very simple to organize, and your hotel in either Gili Meno or Gili Air will be able to assist you in arranging the very short trip between either island to Gili Trawangan. You can opt for a private boat transfer, which will cost approximately Rp300,000 one way, or you can use one of the several daily public slow boats or “speedboats” which make the round trip between the islands throughout the day. The schedules for these boats are liable to change, so it’s best to check at the harbour on the island you are leaving from for the latest departure and arrival times. The public “speedboat” between islands runs a regular service throughout the day and costs approximately Rp80,000 per person one way. The public slow boat runs less round trips throughout the day, and takes longer, but costs approximately Rp30,000 per person one way.

We'd be happy to arrange your transportation from Lombok Airport! Contact us for further Airport Transfer information: