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8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Gili Trawangan

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Gili Trawangan is famous for their ocean swings, turtles, and vibrant nightlife. But there are so many things to do in Gili T, including some you might not know about. Here are some fun Gili T activities to try on your next holiday!

1) Yoga

There are many new and fun ways to practice yoga on Gili Trawangan. Like Fly High areal yoga!
Fly High Yoga

There are several yoga studios around all sides of Gili Trawangan. They offer a variety of yoga styles and twists to traditional yoga practice. Most studios offer the ability to attend drop-in classes. If you're here for longer you can also buy class bundles or monthly memberships.

There are sunrise yoga classes for the early bird and sunset yoga for the night owl. If you like a challenge, try paddleboard yoga with SUP Yoga Trawangan. Studios like Gili Yoga or Sunset Beach Yoga offer aerial yoga with assisting swings. Some studios even offer yoga teacher training retreats so you can train with the masters! Regardless of your yoga experience, there are plenty of ways to vibe it up on the island.

2) Diving

The Gili Islands have some of the most vibrant reefs and sea life in the world. Stay below the waves longer to enjoy the views when you scuba dive.
Scuba Diving in Gili T

It’s no secret that Gili T is home to a thriving scuba diving community! The ocean surrounding the Gili islands is famous for being a diver’s paradise. There are no shortage of dive centres on Gili T offering scuba diving trips for all ability levels.

Never dived before? Many dive shops offer ‘try dives’ in the pool for free! Fun dives are the scuba diving version of a drop-in class. There's no experience required! A diving professional will teach you the basics, set up your equipment, and guide you along your dive.

There are many options to improve your skills as a diver in Gili Trawangan. Get your Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Divemaster, or Instructor certification. Or, skip the equipment and test your limits by freediving without a tank!

3) Cooking classes

Learn how to cook like the locals with this beachfront Indonesian cooking class on Gili T.
Indonesian Cooking Classes

While travelling in Indonesia, you may fall in love with local Indonesian cuisine. Classic dishes like nasi goreng, beef rendang, or gado gado are unique to Indonesia. They are delicious, but can be hard to find once you travel home. One way to ensure you can still enjoy these meals after your holiday is to learn how to cook them yourself!

Gili T is home to Sweet & Spicy Cooking School. Learn to create your favourite Indonesian dishes from professional local chefs. Cook three main meals, two signature sauces, and one dessert dish during this 4-hour course. And, of course, you get to eat your delicious creations!

4) Gili T Island Pub Crawl

If you like to party, then Gili T is your island! Many of the island's restaurants, hostels, and even dive shops double as bars after sunset. And each has their own individual, unique, and fun vibe.

Sama Sama is a laid-back, hole in the wall, reggae bar with live acoustic music. The island’s one and only sports bar, Tír na nÓg, is a great place to catch the game with an ice cold Bintang. Plus, there are plenty of bars and clubs complete with dancefloors, DJ’s, and deep bass music.

Luckily, the Gili T Island Pub Crawl offers a way to see the best of the island’s nightlife all in one night! Your ticket includes a free shirt, big bucket drink at the first bar, and a free shot at each of the four following stops. There is live music, games, beer pong, and tons of dancing throughout the night. The Gili T Island Pub Crawl is the key to an unforgettable night out!

5) Mini golf

Traditional holiday fun meets island paradise with Gili Golf, a full 18-hole mini golf course right on Gili T!
Gili T Mini Golf

Gili T might be a mini island in itself, but it’s not too small for a mini-golf course! Gili Golf, located 150 m off the main road, has a variety of activities you might not expect to find on a remote island.

The main attraction is their full 18-hole mini-golf course! Think you’re a mini-golf pro? A good enough score can land your name on their high scoreboard!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. They also have a dartboard, pool table, several popular board games, and a bar for refreshments. Or, grab your friends and shoot your shot on their basketball court! If you’re in the mood for some good, wholesome fun, Gili Golf is your place!

6) Hiking

Climb the Gili Trawangan hill for breathtaking views of Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Lombok.
View from the Gili T Hill

Of the three Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan is the only one with the opportunity to do some hiking! Quick history lesson for you. The Japanese occupied Gili T during World War II. They built cave tunnels throughout the island and a turret atop the Gili T hill. The word Trawangan comes from the Indonesian word Terowongan meaning ‘tunnel’.

Today, you can hike the small hill to see the old WWII bunker for yourself! Although it is a short 30-minute hike, it is quite challenging and steep the entire journey. So pack those sneakers if you plan on seeing this hidden gem of Gili T!

There are four distinct viewpoints along the way. The first is a spectacular sunset view of the west side of the island. The next two are stops to see the bunker and a cave, both structures left from WWII. The last is a view of Lombok from the highest point on Gili Trawangan!

7) Beach cinema

Enjoy a film under the stars at one of Gili Trawangan’s beachfront cinemas.
Movies on the Beach

Oftentimes while you’re on holiday, you might find yourself debating what to do at night. Do you lie in and watch a movie or go out and explore your holiday location? Villa Ombok offers the best of both worlds with their outdoor movie theatre!

Every Monday and Thursday, Villa Ombok lays out comfy bean bag chairs and sets up a big movie screen on the beach. Enjoy a relaxing night of watching a film under the stars while listening to the faint crash of waves on the beach. Doesn’t get much dreamier than that!

8) Charitable involvement

Leave the island better than the way you found it when you participate in a weekly Gili T beach clean up.
Weekly Beach Cleanups

One travel habit you might have is taking as much as you can from a new location, but not giving anything back. On Gili T, there are many ways to give back to the local community and the environment. Many organizations exist to improve the social and environmental situation across Indonesia.

On Gili T, organizations like Gili Eco Trust offer many ways for tourists to get involved! With the help of local businesses, they facilitate a beach clean up every Friday. For one hour, join them in cleaning up plastic waste along the beach. Oh, did we mention you get a free Bintang for helping?!

Gili Eco Trust also has a plethora of ecotourism information, so you can learn to help in your everyday life. Join them in becoming an eco-warrior during your trip to Gili T!

Be different and try new activities in Gili T

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Gili Trawangan. There are several hidden gems like the activities listed above. Then there are the classic Gili T activities that everyone knows of. Get your ocean swing Instagram pictures. Dive with the Gili T turtles. But don’t be afraid to branch out and try something different during the time you spend on the island!

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