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How to Cure a Hangover on Gili T: The Essential Guide

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The Gilis are the perfect place to get away from it all! They are a cluster of three small islands off the coast of Lombok Indonesia. There are no motorized vehicles on any of them, many people don’t wear shoes and time passes differently here. The Gilis are also known for their diving. so if you really want to get away from it all below the surface, it is the perfect place! However, the one thing you can’t escape here is hangovers.

A row of stoic palm trees with the sun shining on them
Picture perfect Gili T

Life on GIli T

Of the three islands, Gili T is known as the party island. There are many bars here, all with their own personality, so everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. The beers are cheap and cold, the music is live, the people are friendly and the weather is perfect. What else do you need for a legendary night out?

You don’t have to stay here long to start recognizing faces when you’re out. Even if you’re just here for a couple of days, you will surely build a small family while you’re here. This makes nights out even more fun! As you’re having beers, more and more people will start to join your circle and before you know it you’ll all be up dancing and singing.

Crowd of people all smiling and looking at the camera on a night out
Newfound friends on a night out at The Irish

The morning after, send help

What goes up must come down. Although Gili T does sometimes feel like Never Never Land and nothing bad could ever happen... hangovers still do. We've all been there. You wake up thinking about how much fun you had the night before and then you start to feel it. The nausea, the headache, the new bruises and everything that comes along with your hangover.

You probably have a whole routine on how to survive a morning like this at home. But when you’re travelling, you don’t have the same amenities - but don’t panic! We’re here to help! We’re here to give you a step by step guide on how to survive your hangover and not let it ruin your vacation.

Hydrate hydrate HYDRATE!!

Step one happens before you even start drinking. Since you can’t drink the tap water in Indonesia you have to plan ahead. Fill up all the water bottles you have at the many free refill stations in place around the island! Pro tip: if your room has a small fridge, put them in there so they are nice and cold for the morning.

Not only will you be dehydrated from drinking, but also from the heat and humidity. You want to try to hydrate before going out, before you go to sleep (if you remember), as soon as you wake up and for the rest of the next day! Some people find it helpful to have a little hair of the dog the next day, to which we say go for it! But still, make sure you hydrate while you do that.

A fancy looking bloody mary with turquoise blue waters behind it
Bloody Mary's make the best hair of the dog

Saltwater saves lives

You may not feel like doing anything but staying in the air conditioning all day. But a little saltwater goes a long way. Finding your way into the ocean will instantly make you feel better and refreshed. We could make up some scientific facts about how the seawater helps pull out the toxins in your body from drinking. But honestly, it just feels really nice. The salt in the ocean helps you float, so you don’t have to put in too much effort. Plus, it’s the perfect, enjoyable temperature.

The best part about it is, no matter where you are staying on the island the ocean is never far away. There is a beach with a bean bag calling your name no more than 5 minutes away. It might sound impossible with a hangover, but if you get out to the beach and into the ocean, you’ll feel like you accomplished something with your day. From there on out you can do nothing and still feel like you made the most of your vacation!

A beach on Gili T with clear turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches
The clear blue waters of Gili T


The next important step is what food to put into your body. Days like this are not days to be super healthy about what you’re eating. These are the days that you eat things that will feed your soul as much as they feed your body. Gili T is home to so many great restaurants that offer a wide variety of food. No matter what you consider comfort food you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs.

A fan favourite is the BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese from The Irish. Carbs, cheese, chicken and BBQ sauce, what more do you need?! You can also get it without chicken for vegetarians and The Irish menu has many vegan options as well.

A delicious looking bowl full of BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese from The Irish
Tír na nÓg's BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese


Something that you should be doing throughout the day to help your hangover is sleep. Nap wherever and whenever you can. Nap on the beach, nap by a pool, nap in your bed! Nap anywhere you can; just make sure if it’s in the sun that you wear sunscreen. Hangovers are bad, hangovers with a sunburn are even worse.

Life on Gili T makes you tired with the draining sun and heat. When you’ve been up until the early hours or even seen the sun rise, it’s that much worse. Your mind will feel like mashed potatoes and making decisions becomes next to impossible. Napping and giving your mind a break is the only thing that is going to help with that.

Colourful lounge chairs beside a hotel pool waiting for you to nap on them
Pick your nap spot beside Tír na nÓg's pool


You know that age-old saying, ‘Get knocked down seven times, get up eight’? We like to apply that to drinking as well. The important thing is not to let the alcohol win. Of course, we all have that one alcohol from that one night, that even smelling it gives you the shivers. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying nights out altogether.

Even if you don’t feel like drinking again, enjoying the nightlife is part of life on Gili T. Go out, enjoy some live music, have a drink - even if it’s just a pineapple juice - and live your best Gili T life!



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